The Vermont Mental Health Counselors Association is the professional association for licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors in the state of Vermont. Our purpose is to provide support, advocacy, and education for mental health professionals statewide. We are also committed to community education around issues related to mental health treatment, prevention, and general public awareness of the role of the mental health counselor. VTMCHA has also actively educated state authorities, legislators, and lawmakers about the role of the counselor, good mental health care, and the importance of its availability to all in the state of Vermont. We have been vital in representing the concerns of our profession to lawmakers, regulators, insurance companies, and government officials through representation on the Act 129 Board and the Council of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Professionals.

AMHCAlogoVTMHCA is the state chapter of the American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA), an affiliate of the American Counseling Association (ACA). Through this association, VTMCHA maintains a link to national and federal issues, such as:

  • Advocacy for LCMHC to be recognized as Medicare providers
  • Follow-through on legislation passed to allow LCMHC to be fully recognized by the Veteran’s Administration and Tricare
  • Educating Senators and Congress-people about the importance of mental health treatment on parity with physical health
  • AMHCA employs a full-time lobbyist who communicates with state chapters directly. Our national association wants Vermont’s input, and is an active presence on Capitol Hill.

VTMHCA is devoted to providing affordable, high-quality continuing education courses to professionals in the field of mental health. Twice a year VTMHCA sponsors lectures and workshops focused on clinical practice.

We invite you to click around on our web site, contact us with any questions, and consider becoming a member, whether you are an active professional, a student new to the field, or a passionate retiree!

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