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VTMHCA membership

Caring for the community by caring in community. Becoming a member of your professional organization supports the counseling field by joining together with other committed mental health professionals to make the profession the best that it can be. Together we can better help those we are committed to caring for. Together we make a difference.

Benefits of membership

Discounts on Continuing Education

Ethics Committee

Member's only community forum

Professional Recognition

The Ethics Committee allows members to submit their ethical dilemma to the ethics committee for review. The committee will consider the situation and provide you feedback and considerations to help you in your decision making. Having consulted with the ethics committee can be helpful when documenting the situation and your actions.

Membership Levels


Fully licensed clinical mental health counselors

Clinical members may vote, serve in any of the executive positions on the board of directors, be a member-at-large on the board, and serve on committees.

Three options under this level:

  • One-year membership: $110/yr
  • Two-year membership: $180/yr
  • One-year unified dues (joining VTMHCA and AMHCA at the same time, which includes a discount on your VTMHCA membership): $88/yr + cost of AMHCA membership

Student member

Enrolled in a graduate program in clinical mental health counseling or a related mental health field.

Student members may serve on the board, with the exception of the President and President-elect positions, and they may serve as committee members.

One-year membership: $40/yr

Retired member

Formerly fully licensed clinical mental health counselor or could have been fully licensed before retirement. 

Retired members may vote, serve in any of the executive positions on the board of directors, be a member-at-large on the board, and serve on committees.

One year membership: $40/yr

Associate Member

Counselors on the roster of non-licensed & non-certified psychotherapists who are working toward their full clinical mental health licensure or professionals who primarily work in the mental health field.

Associate members may vote and serve as board officers and committee members.

One year membership: $110/yr

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Frequently asked questions

What is the renewal cycle for membership?

Membership starts on the day of joining and will need to be renewed on the anniversary of joining. You will automatically receive a reminder email letting you know it's time to renew.

How does the unified dues option work?

The unified dues option gives you the opportunity to join VTMHCA as a discounted rate when you also join AMHCA. You will need to join each organization separately as our systems are not linked. When joining AMHCA, you need to select the option to also join VTMHCA at the same time, when you do this, it will add the $88 to your AMHCA membership fee and thus you will pay that to AMHCA, who will pass along that money to VTMHCA. When you join VTMHCA, choose the unified dues option. 

What happens after I join?

After joining, the Executive Director will be notified, and they will need to approve your membership. Because our executive director position is very part-time, this process may take a week. If your membership request has not been approved after a week from applying, please contact the Executive Director.

If I join VTMHCA, do I also have to be a member of AMHCA?

No, you may join VTMHCA without being a member of AMHCA.

What if I have other questions that are not in this list?

I'm sorry, we can only answer these limited number of questions. Just kidding! If you have other questions, please email the executive director at:

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